My Favourite AG Doll Summer-Inspired DIYs!

Summer is almost here! I know, I know, it’s only March… but it’s not that far off. So, we need to get prepping, and start creating things for our dolls so we have them in time for Summer. I found all of these on Pinterest, so I know there are definitely more ideas! I’m going to be continuing to add ideas, so let me know in the comments if you find any you think should be on here! Have fun, dolls!

American Girl DIYsFor.png

Food (Lots of candy because that’s what Summer is for!)




Profiles for My Dolls

Hello everyone! Here are my AG Dollies’ profiles, all 11 of them!! I was inspired by this post!! My thanks to the creator for the inspiration ❤

Name: Nicolette Lark (nickname Nicki) (Orig. Nicki)
Imaginary Age: 21
Favourite Colour(s): Blue & White
Blurb: Nicki is a college student attending Doll Academy, and is a Junior. She loves fashion, writing, crafting, and exploring. She is Olivia’s first doll, and as such, is the eldest of all the dolls! (She’s also her favourite). She writes for the newspaper at her school, and reads from dusk until dawn. Her major is American Literature.

Name: Lorelei Kore (Orig. Kanani)
Imaginary Age: 20
Favourite Colours: Purple, Black, & White
Blurb: Lorelei is a college student, and she attends Doll Academy. She is a Sophmore, enjoys crocheting, and has a heart for charity. She excels at cooking, and is working at  a local soup kitchen when she’s not learning to become the next best chef!

Name: Juniper Melissa (nickname: June) (Orig. Felicity)
Imaginary Age 19
Favourite Colours: Purple, White, Blue, & Pink.
Blurb: Felicity is the youngest of her friend group, consisting of Nicki, Eden, and Lorelei, and is working towards her dancing degree at Doll Academy. She is a Freshman, and spends most of her time at the dancing room, and the rest at home, drinking tea and watching movies on netflix.

Name: Eden Grace (Orig. Elizabeth)
Imaginary Age: 20
Favourite Colours: Pink & Ivory
Blurb: Eden is a loving animal rescue worker. While working to attain her degree for veterinary school at Doll Academy, Eden spends time getting to know everyone around her. She is one of the best people everyone knows, and has a laugh to match her heart.

Name: Poppy Mae (Orig. Ruthie)
Imaginary Age: 21
Favourite Colours: Purple & Lilac
Blurb: Poppie Mae comes from South Carolina, and has a voice to show it. She goes to Doll Academy with her best friend Scarlet, who lived next door to her in South Carolina. They both are going for their masters in teaching, but Poppy is working on acquiring her teaching degree in mathematics.

Name: Scarlet Galiana (Orig. Kit)
Imaginary Age: 21
Favourite Colours: Light Pink & Foliage Green
Blurb: Scarlet Galiana is working her heart out to get her teaching degree for Science. She is from South Carolina, and is best friends with her hometown friend, Poppy Mae. Scarlet loves children, and wants to spend the rest of her life helping others.

Name: Alaska Elodie (Orig. Pleasant Company Doll, looks similar to #52, but with brighter green eyes)
Imaginary Age: 22
Favourite Colours: Black, Red, & Plaid (it’s a colour ok)
Blurb: Ms. Elodie, as she is called by her students, is a brilliant Veterinary Instructor who has seen it all. She’s quirky, fun, and extra adorable! Her hair is somehow always getting into her face, no matter how many bobby pins she uses. Her doors are as open as her eyes.

Name: Arabella Stone (Orig. Samantha)
Imaginary Age: 18
Favourite Colours: Black, Burgundy, & White
Blurb: Mathematics Teaching is this doll’s skill! She is the instructor to all who wish to learn to teach Math, which is no easy feat. Despite her name, she’s very relaxed and laid back, often giving pointers and advice in terms of getting students to pay attention and enjoy the class.

Name: Perrie Harper (Orig. Mia)
Imaginay Age: 35
Favourite Colours: Magenta, Ice Blue, &Grey
Blurb: Mrs. Harper is a 5 star chef who, after working for a TV show, decided to teach. She is know at Doll Academy, where she instructs her students in the finery of cooking. Her favourite dish is obviously chicken nuggets, and she hopes to find a star in every student.

Name: Primrose Maeby (orig. Josefina)
Imaginary Age: 22
Favourite Colours: Crimson, Yellow, & White
Blurb: As the local Diva, Primrose spends lots of her time learning to look good, treat others like diamonds, and be the best at what she knows she can do. She runs a beauty parlour next door to Doll Academy, and teaches anyone who wants to learn. Her favourite time of day is morning of course, because the light makes her makeup look great!

Name: Seraphina Rose (Orig. Rebecca)
Imaginary Age: 20
Favourite Colours: Burgundy & Black
Blurb: Seraphina is an instructor for dance and English at Doll Academy. She loves poetry, picking flowers, dancing, and writing like there’s no tomorrow. She’s a tough teacher, but she produces amazing students. She often receives cards and gifts, which she lovingly takes and smiles broadly.






DIY AG Doll Perfume!

Hey everybody! Here is how I made a few perfumes for my doll’s vanity set I’m working on! These are super easy, so here we go!

DIY Perfume.png

What you’ll need:

  • A perfume bottle image (I found mine in a beauty brands magazine, but you can use some you print off since you’ll be ‘laminating’ them with clear tape.
  • Clear tape
  • Hot glue
  • cardboard or stiff paper

Begin by putting tape over the images, and cutting them out. Then hotglue the perfume image onto the cardboard. Cut the image out again, and then make a triangle shape. Cut off the tip, and bend it at the top. Glue the bent portion onto the back of the perfume image, and voila! You have doll perfume 🙂


American Girl Doll DIYs for Slumber Parties!

I love DIYs. I also love slumber parties!! So here are some fun crafts to make before or during a slumber party with and for your very own AG doll!!! 😀

American Girl Doll DIYs for Slumber Parties!.png

Have fun at your very own dolly sleepover!! 😀






My Lazy Attempt at Doll Clothes Made From Baby Outfits

Here are my clothes I made from baby outfits, modelled by Nicki!


The first one was a long sleeved button up onesie. I used the back part, and the sleeves, to make a shirt and booties. Idk why.

The second one was a long sleeved onesie as well, and I just cut off the bottom, lazily leaving the bottom unhemmed. It’s a nightgown, so it really doesn’t matter haha.

The third one was a button up long sleeved onesie (again) and it is now a sweater! This one took a while, because I hemmed the bottom, and took it in twice on the back.

And last but not least, my favourite: a sweatshirt made from a grey long sleeved onesie. I took in the back, and cut the bottom part off. I hemmed it, and rolled up the sleeves for a cute and stylish look! The headband is from the band of some pink pants. I had to take it in a little bit, but it still looks nice! 🙂


Which is your favourite? Have you ever done this?






Photography Ideas to Do With Your Dolls

I love doll photography. It makes me smile, and I love the keepsakes I get out if it! So here are some snapshot ideas for you to use and share! 🙂 This is also a challenge, so see if you can do them all!!!

Photography IdeasFor AG Dolls.png

  1. Silhouette –  Take a picture of your doll’s silhouette! Either as a shadow or with a light behind them, a silhouette is a beautiful picture to take.
  2.  Hands together –  Pick two dolls and have them touch hands. You can even use your own!
  3. First Day of School – Take some pictures of your doll on their first day back to school!
  4. School Portrait – Dress your doll in their best and find a nice background. Then take their picture! Make sure to say “Cheese!”.
  5. Selfie –  Every doll needs a few good selfies. Add filters and decorate it for some fun.
  6. Holding a Camera – Have your doll snap some pics as you take your own photograph of them!
  7. Playing in the Leaves –  Build a nice pile of foliage, and let them have at it!
  8. Thanksgiving Dinner –  Set up your doll’s table, and fill it with Thanksgiving dishes! Maybe even take a picture of them as they prepare the food in their kitchen!
  9. Carving Pumpkins – It’s Halloween! Find a cute mini pumpkin for your doll, and have them carve a cute face into it!
  10. At a Halloween Party –  Whether they’re bobbing for apples or dressed as the Queen, taking some fun pictures at their next Halloween party is a no-brainer!
  11. All Dolled Up – Take a Picture of them in your favourite outfit, with styled hair and adorable shoes! Maybe take a matching picture of yourself!
  12. Family Photo – Take a picture of all of your dolls, and include yourself in it too! Dress them in their best and smile for the camera!
  13. Picking Flowers –  Find some clover, dandelions, or wild flowers, and take a picture as they lovingly hold each blossom! Maybe even make them a flower crown!
  14. Planting Seeds –  In the garden or in a pot, your doll is sure to love her budding love of all things green! Get their hands dirty as they gently sow the seeds.
  15. Having a Picnic – Eating outside and sharing your crumbs with the ants is a delightful thing to do with your dolls! Take some fun pictures while you’re at it.
  16. At the Pool –  Sunbathe beside a pool, or get into a faux one. Take a nice photograph of your dolls having fun under the sun!
  17. Fourth of July – Dress your dolls in red, white, and blue, and give them a mini flag to wave around!
  18. Watching Fireworks – As stars shoot across your doll’s sky, take a snapshot that will make them last forever!
  19. Broken Arm –  Or leg, or head, or whatever else! Pretend your dolly has taken a spill and needs some TLC. Take some fun pictures of their new cast while their freinds sign it!
  20. New Year’s Eve – As you watch the clock, count down with your dolls! Don’t forget your noise makers!
  21.  Valentine’s Day – Show them making valentines, distributing them, or even eating candy. You can make your own props and have a ball with it!
  22. Birthday Party – Celebrate your doll’s birthday and take pictures of them with their cake, opening gifts, and playing games with friends.
  23. Mardi Gras – Have your dolls make and wear festive masks, and have a great time celebrating this fun holiday!
  24. Reading – Is your doll a bookworm? Catch them reading and add some fun words to the photo to make a reading poster for their library!
  25. St. Patrick’s Day – Put adorable green outfits on your doll, and help them wave the Irish flag! Take some pics as they go leprechaun hunting, and pinch a few of their unsuspecting friends!
  26. Easter –  Make your doll a basket full of candy, and have them go easter egg hunting!
  27. Arbor Day – Celebrate tree-planting day by… you guessed it! Planting a tree! Have your doll help you out, and make sure to take a picture or two of their hard work. Alternatively, snap some shots of them hanging around in a tree!
  28. National Day of Prayer – Pray the best way you know how with your doll, and take some pictures of them using props like mantillas, rosaries, and crucufixes.
  29. Mother’s Day/Father’s Day – Awwww! Your doll has made you a Mother’s/Father’s Day gift! Take a picture of them holding it to remember it forever.
  30. Pioneer Day – whoa! the wagon is bumpy, but your photos are clear! Take a picture of your dolls dressed in attire fit for the pioneers! Add fun filters to it to make it look as old as it feels!
  31. National Women’s Equality Day – Wear pink and strike a pose! Thank all of the wonderful suffragettes for their hard work in attaining the rights women have today, and celebrate equality by sharing a smile with your dolls!
  32. Setting up the Christmas Tree – get ready for this holiday season by taking photos of your doll, getting ready for their very own celebrations!
  33. Baking cookies – smell that? Capture it in a photograph, and be glad that you have the awesome cookies to eat!
  34. Opening presents – yay! Christmas is here! With wrapping paper flying, what did your doll get for Christmas?
  35. At a secret Santa event – As your dolls swap gifts with their secret Santas, take a quick picture!
  36. At a doctor’s appointment – oh no! Is your doll sick, injured, or getting a shot? Make a memory of it with a picture!
  37. At a Pet Hospital or Rescue Center – puppies, kitties, and cuteness galore! Make sure you get some pics while you’re there!
  38. Welcoming Home a Soldier – Is your doll the child/sibling/etc of a soldier? Prepare a welcoming home for them, and capture their hug forever!
  39. Decorating – whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, or just a new room makeover, get a picture of your doll’s expertise in action!
  40. All Bundled Up – Is your doll cold? Do they have a cold? Take a picture, and write what they have on the back to remember it!

Do you like my ideas? Do you have your own? Let me know in the comments!!