My Favourite AG Doll Summer-Inspired DIYs!

Summer is almost here! I know, I know, it’s only March… but it’s not that far off. So, we need to get prepping, and start creating things for our dolls so we have them in time for Summer. I found all of these on Pinterest, so I know there are definitely more ideas! I’m going to be continuing to add ideas, so let me know in the comments if you find any you think should be on here! Have fun, dolls!

American Girl DIYsFor.png

Food (Lots of candy because that’s what Summer is for!)




DIY AG Doll Perfume!

Hey everybody! Here is how I made a few perfumes for my doll’s vanity set I’m working on! These are super easy, so here we go!

DIY Perfume.png

What you’ll need:

  • A perfume bottle image (I found mine in a beauty brands magazine, but you can use some you print off since you’ll be ‘laminating’ them with clear tape.
  • Clear tape
  • Hot glue
  • cardboard or stiff paper

Begin by putting tape over the images, and cutting them out. Then hotglue the perfume image onto the cardboard. Cut the image out again, and then make a triangle shape. Cut off the tip, and bend it at the top. Glue the bent portion onto the back of the perfume image, and voila! You have doll perfume 🙂


American Girl Doll DIYs for Slumber Parties!

I love DIYs. I also love slumber parties!! So here are some fun crafts to make before or during a slumber party with and for your very own AG doll!!! 😀

American Girl Doll DIYs for Slumber Parties!.png

Have fun at your very own dolly sleepover!! 😀






My Lazy Attempt at Doll Clothes Made From Baby Outfits

Here are my clothes I made from baby outfits, modelled by Nicki!


The first one was a long sleeved button up onesie. I used the back part, and the sleeves, to make a shirt and booties. Idk why.

The second one was a long sleeved onesie as well, and I just cut off the bottom, lazily leaving the bottom unhemmed. It’s a nightgown, so it really doesn’t matter haha.

The third one was a button up long sleeved onesie (again) and it is now a sweater! This one took a while, because I hemmed the bottom, and took it in twice on the back.

And last but not least, my favourite: a sweatshirt made from a grey long sleeved onesie. I took in the back, and cut the bottom part off. I hemmed it, and rolled up the sleeves for a cute and stylish look! The headband is from the band of some pink pants. I had to take it in a little bit, but it still looks nice! 🙂


Which is your favourite? Have you ever done this?






American Girl Accessory Tips & Tricks (Baby Item Version)

Hey all! So, I may or may not spend most of my day on Pinterest. And from this time I may or may not spend looking for American Girl Doll things, I have found plenty of tips, tricks, and fun ideas, specifically for accessories! But, this DIY list has a twist: they’re all made from baby items!!

American Girl Doll AccessoriesMade From Baby Items.png

  1. Swaddles for babies work as sleeping bags! You can adjust them as you wish, but I just add a pillow, and put my doll inside! You can even flip it so the Velcro and such is on the bottom, and it’ll work super well. You can find these at resale shops for cheap!
  2. Preemie sized sleepers work pretty awesomely as footie PJs! Look for some at a resale shop, since they’ll be shrunk a tiny bit, and will also be cheaper if you don’t already own any!
  3. If you fold those thin blankets, or cut them, you can make perfectly sized AG doll blankets, towels, and sheets! If you roll them up/fold them just right, they can be pillows too! I recommend getting them in packs at Walmart, since they are extremely cheap, and you’ll have a matching set to make bedding out of!
  4. You can transform baby clothes using a sewing machine! Here is a DIY for tiny and preemie clothes turned into cardigans and sweatshirts, and one for nightgowns, and another for pants, socks, hats, and scarves!
  5. Headbands and bows for babies work great for 18 inch dolls! For the headbands that are to big, you can cut and sew them to size. They make special tiny bows for newborns as well, and those fit dolls perfectly!
  6. Super tiny baby stuffies are cool toys and such for your doll! If you have an old mobile with those stuffies on them, you can put them off and remove the ribbon that attached them to the mobile. Place them on your doll’s bed, or in a basket in their room.
  7. Preemie hats fit dolls pretty well, and newborn+ can usually be cut and sewn down to size!
  8. Burp cloths/wash cloths can be used as dolly towels, and if they’re too small, you can sew two of the same coloured cloths together to make a big towel that you can wrap around your doll.

I hope you can use and enjoy these tips! Have fun Doll Mama/Dada!



DIY Doll Dress

Hey y’all! I just made my dolls a cute dress from an old sweater I had! It is in the style of a pillowcase dress, but is obviously made from sweater and not pillowcase material!


Here’s how I made it:

Take one sweater and fold it in half down the middle, so the sleeves line up with each other. Do this so that the sweater is open. Cut off the sleeves and anything that prevents thew sweater from lying flat.

Cut out a large square. Fold that in half and cut down the folded line. With the fabric still lined up together, make two-inch (approx.) holes for the arms by taking a crescent shape out of both sides of the fabric.

Next, take one of the pieces of fabric and lie a pretty ribbon across the top. Sew onto it. Do the same with the other piece. Then, sew hems onto each of the fabric pieces.

Line them up again with the ribbon part facing in, and sew up the sides. Place on your doll and tie the sleeves up, then add a ribbon around the waist! 🙂

Let me know how yours turns out if you make one! 😀

My Favourite American Girl DIY’s

Hello friends! I have compiled a list of my favourite AG Doll DIY’s, and hope you get some use out of them! As time goes on, I will add more! So come back after a while and see what I’ve found 🙂

My FavouriteAG DollDIYs.png



Things for Your Doll:



Hair & Body:

DIY AG Doll Arm Cast!

I love taking care of, nurturing, and playing with my dolls. SO, after Nicki took a fall from my arms, I decided to make her a “cast” because… oh no! She has broken her arm! (she did not actually suffer any scuffs or problems, this is all pretend!)

First, take a toilet paper roll and cut a small square out near the top. This will be the doll’s thumb hole. Then, cut paper towels into strips, and tape them onto the roll using double sided tape, or glue if you have to. Next, write the names of your dolls, family members, etc. onto the cast with little messages. Voila! You have a cast!

Make sure not to cover the hole for your doll’s hand or thumb!


Printable AG Doll Valentine’s Day Cards!

Hello everybody! I made some valentine’s by hand, and thought I would digitalize a few for you to use for your dolls and friends! They’re cute and fun, so feel free to print them off and size them to your liking. They were made with! 🙂 One of the valentine’s is for your doll, from my favourite doll, Nicki! I even left a space open on one design so you can write your own message! Have fun, Valentine!




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