My Favourite AG Doll Summer-Inspired DIYs!

Summer is almost here! I know, I know, it’s only March… but it’s not that far off. So, we need to get prepping, and start creating things for our dolls so we have them in time for Summer. I found all of these on Pinterest, so I know there are definitely more ideas! I’m going to be continuing to add ideas, so let me know in the comments if you find any you think should be on here! Have fun, dolls!

American Girl DIYsFor.png

Food (Lots of candy because that’s what Summer is for!)




My Favourite American Girl DIY’s

Hello friends! I have compiled a list of my favourite AG Doll DIY’s, and hope you get some use out of them! As time goes on, I will add more! So come back after a while and see what I’ve found 🙂

My FavouriteAG DollDIYs.png



Things for Your Doll:



Hair & Body:

DIY No-Sew College Throw Blanket for AG Dolls!

Hey everybody! I just made a cool no-sew “college” blanket for one of my dolls: Nicki! She loves it, and so do I, so without further ado, how to make one!


  • Two Pieces of Soft Felt From a Package (different colours)
  • Dark Marker (as many colours as you want)
  • Scissors

First, pick out two college colours. These can be from a real college or an imaginary one, whichever you prefer! Mine is dark yellow and dark green for the imaginary school, Novella. Her whole room is in the theme of yellows and greens!

Next, set them on top of each other, and cut 1-1/2 slits on one side only. Tie them off with a knot, go to the next side. When you reach a corner, cut off a 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 inch square shape from it. This will give your blanket an even, flawless look, and provide you with some squares to decorate their room with. Make a garland, flags, or a scarf out of the squares!

After you’ve finished that, and your whole blanket is tied, choose the lightest side and decorate it with words from your doll’s classmates! Write them name first, in big letters, then decorate the rest with “XOXO” “#1 Fan” “Luv u!” etc!

Then you’re finished, and you can move on to a new project!

Love, Nicki and the rest ❤