My Lazy Attempt at Doll Clothes Made From Baby Outfits

Here are my clothes I made from baby outfits, modelled by Nicki!


The first one was a long sleeved button up onesie. I used the back part, and the sleeves, to make a shirt and booties. Idk why.

The second one was a long sleeved onesie as well, and I just cut off the bottom, lazily leaving the bottom unhemmed. It’s a nightgown, so it really doesn’t matter haha.

The third one was a button up long sleeved onesie (again) and it is now a sweater! This one took a while, because I hemmed the bottom, and took it in twice on the back.

And last but not least, my favourite: a sweatshirt made from a grey long sleeved onesie. I took in the back, and cut the bottom part off. I hemmed it, and rolled up the sleeves for a cute and stylish look! The headband is from the band of some pink pants. I had to take it in a little bit, but it still looks nice! 🙂


Which is your favourite? Have you ever done this?






My Favourite American Girl DIY’s

Hello friends! I have compiled a list of my favourite AG Doll DIY’s, and hope you get some use out of them! As time goes on, I will add more! So come back after a while and see what I’ve found 🙂

My FavouriteAG DollDIYs.png



Things for Your Doll:



Hair & Body:

Curling Nicki’s Hair!

My doll Nicki is 9 years old, 10 this December. I got her when I was 7, and needless to say, she is very well-played with! Today, I decided to give my favourite doll a makeover, complete with some curls and a “bath”. I used this tutorial  by AGSnapshots on YouTube for her hair, and can’t wait to see how they turn out tomorrow! I’m using a gentle baby wipe on her vinyl skin to clean her up and get rid of any shininess. I want to do some more fun things to her to give her a complete makeover, but don’t know what. Have any ideas? 😀