Photography Ideas to Do With Your Dolls

I love doll photography. It makes me smile, and I love the keepsakes I get out if it! So here are some snapshot ideas for you to use and share! ūüôā This is also a challenge, so see if you can do them all!!!

Photography IdeasFor AG Dolls.png

  1. Silhouette – ¬†Take a picture of your doll’s silhouette! Either as a shadow or with a light behind them, a silhouette is a beautiful picture to take.
  2.  Hands together Р Pick two dolls and have them touch hands. You can even use your own!
  3. First Day of School – Take some pictures of your doll on their first day back to school!
  4. School Portrait – Dress your doll in their best and find a nice background. Then take their picture! Make sure to say “Cheese!”.
  5. Selfie Р Every doll needs a few good selfies. Add filters and decorate it for some fun.
  6. Holding a Camera – Have your doll snap some pics as you take your own photograph of them!
  7. Playing in the Leaves Р Build a nice pile of foliage, and let them have at it!
  8. Thanksgiving Dinner – ¬†Set up your doll’s table, and fill it with Thanksgiving dishes! Maybe even take a picture of them as they prepare the food in their kitchen!
  9. Carving Pumpkins – It’s Halloween! Find a cute mini pumpkin for your doll, and have them carve a cute face into it!
  10. At a Halloween Party – ¬†Whether they’re bobbing for apples or dressed as the Queen, taking some fun pictures at their next Halloween party is a no-brainer!
  11. All Dolled Up – Take a Picture of them in your favourite outfit, with styled hair and adorable shoes! Maybe take a matching picture of yourself!
  12. Family Photo – Take a picture of all of your dolls, and include yourself in it too! Dress them in their best and smile for the camera!
  13. Picking Flowers Р Find some clover, dandelions, or wild flowers, and take a picture as they lovingly hold each blossom! Maybe even make them a flower crown!
  14. Planting Seeds Р In the garden or in a pot, your doll is sure to love her budding love of all things green! Get their hands dirty as they gently sow the seeds.
  15. Having a Picnic – Eating outside and sharing your crumbs with the ants is a delightful thing to do with your dolls! Take some fun pictures while you’re at it.
  16. At the Pool Р Sunbathe beside a pool, or get into a faux one. Take a nice photograph of your dolls having fun under the sun!
  17. Fourth of July – Dress your dolls in red, white, and blue, and give them a mini flag to wave around!
  18. Watching Fireworks – As stars shoot across your doll’s sky, take a snapshot that will make them last forever!
  19. Broken Arm Р Or leg, or head, or whatever else! Pretend your dolly has taken a spill and needs some TLC. Take some fun pictures of their new cast while their freinds sign it!
  20. New Year’s Eve – As you watch the clock, count down with your dolls! Don’t forget your noise makers!
  21. ¬†Valentine’s Day – Show them making valentines, distributing them, or even eating candy. You can make your own props and have a ball with it!
  22. Birthday Party – Celebrate your doll’s birthday and take pictures of them with their cake, opening gifts, and playing games with friends.
  23. Mardi Gras – Have your dolls make and wear festive masks, and have a great time celebrating this fun holiday!
  24. Reading – Is your doll a bookworm? Catch them reading and add some fun words to the photo to make a reading poster for their library!
  25. St. Patrick’s Day – Put adorable green outfits on your doll, and help them wave the Irish flag! Take some pics as they go leprechaun hunting, and pinch a few of their unsuspecting friends!
  26. Easter Р Make your doll a basket full of candy, and have them go easter egg hunting!
  27. Arbor Day – Celebrate tree-planting day by… you guessed it! Planting a tree! Have your doll help you out, and make sure to take a picture or two of their hard work. Alternatively, snap some shots of them hanging around in a tree!
  28. National Day of Prayer – Pray the best way you know how with your doll, and take some pictures of them using props like mantillas, rosaries, and crucufixes.
  29. Mother’s Day/Father’s Day – Awwww! Your doll has made you a Mother’s/Father’s Day gift! Take a picture of them holding it to remember it forever.
  30. Pioneer Day – whoa! the wagon is bumpy, but your photos are clear! Take a picture of your dolls dressed in attire fit for the pioneers! Add fun filters to it to make it look as old as it feels!
  31. National Women’s Equality Day – Wear pink and strike a pose! Thank all of the wonderful suffragettes for their hard work in attaining the rights women have today, and celebrate equality by sharing a smile with your dolls!
  32. Setting up the Christmas Tree – get ready for this holiday season by taking photos of your doll, getting ready for their very own celebrations!
  33. Baking cookies – smell that? Capture it in a photograph, and be glad that you have the awesome cookies to eat!
  34. Opening presents – yay! Christmas is here! With wrapping paper flying, what did your doll get for Christmas?
  35. At a secret Santa event – As your dolls swap gifts with their secret Santas, take a quick picture!
  36. At a doctor’s appointment – oh no! Is your doll sick, injured, or getting a shot? Make a memory of it with a picture!
  37. At a Pet Hospital or Rescue Center – puppies, kitties, and cuteness galore! Make sure you get some pics while you’re there!
  38. Welcoming Home a Soldier – Is your doll the child/sibling/etc of a soldier? Prepare a welcoming home for them, and capture their hug forever!
  39. Decorating – whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, or just a new room makeover, get a picture of your doll’s expertise in action!
  40. All Bundled Up – Is your doll cold? Do they have a cold? Take a picture, and write what they have on the back to remember it!

Do you like my ideas? Do you have your own? Let me know in the comments!!