My Dolls (That aren’t being cleaned/fixed)

Yes, my dolls are very ‘loved on’. But I think they’re in okay shape, so here are the ones that are ready for the camera! Yes, their hair is a bit messy, because I had to carry them downstairs all by myself, and they got disheveled in the process haha. Poppy Mae (Orig. Ruthie) and Eden Grace (Orig. Elizabeth) both need some major fixing. Primrose Maeby (Orig. Josefina) just needs to be washed a little! ­čÖé I’m getting some money through selling things, and am trying to find a job so i can fix Poppy and Eden. Wish me luck!

Cleaning Day!

I gave 8 of my 11 dolls a proper scrub down, and cut the hair of two of the ones who had a huge mess going on. They look great with their little bobs, and I can’t wait to show you guys pictures when I finish up with all of my dolls!

I used a little vinegar on a soft cloth to scrub away the white marks and such. They still have a few stains and some have a pen mark or two, but I know how to get those out. I just need some of that acne cream and sunlight. Unfortunately it’s dreary here, so I have to wait :/

I also curled the hair of the dolls that needed it, and brushed it out neatly. How do you clean and care for your dolls?

My Favourite AG Doll Summer-Inspired DIYs!

Summer is almost here! I know, I know, it’s only March… but it’s not that far off. So, we need to get prepping, and start creating things for our dolls so we have them in time for Summer. I found all of these on Pinterest, so I know there are definitely more ideas! I’m going to be continuing to add ideas, so let me know in the comments if you find any you think should be on here! Have fun, dolls!

American Girl DIYsFor.png

Food (Lots of candy because that’s what Summer is for!)




Q & A With Me and the Dolls!

Feel free to ask me and my dolls some fun questions in the comments! You can address them by name or in general, so here are their names:

Kit, Ruthie, Mia, Kanani, Winter, Nicki, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Felicity, Josefina, and Samantha.

Also, here’s an announcement for you! I am changing all of the names of my dolls (except Nicki: sorta. Her name is going to be Nicolette) so I’m searching for names! See ya in the comments!